Wednesday, December 12, 2007



By Joel E. Ferraris

The recent failed coup attempt is likened to a pre-Christmas surrealism if I were to paint it. Add to that the recent NPC mural controversy and the picture becomes a lot chaotic while people are busy preparing to buy gifts in yet another year-end shopping spree.

The true essence of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ seem to be forgotten again, covered by the mountains of material gifts in stock at the malls.

I suggest that we should pray for all of these people, especially Trillanes, the running priest and the bishop. This military man's mindset, probably molded and inspired by those religious personalities around him, produced this distorted statement here.

To me this is dangerous as it could inspire people, the spiritually blind, to make drastic actions without understanding what it is all about and without reflecting deeply on its adverse effects. It could spark violence given the fact that the leader is a military man representing Magdalo. And to make matters worse is the cloud of suspicion hovering over this group's name.

If this is his understanding of the "moral obligation of the religious to do what is right", then he better review the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ a lot instead on depending on the bullets and the votes that he has.

People have probably voted for him because they were fed-up with the system... but he added to the rottenness of that system by using force when in fact it is a collective guilt of the whole nation that caused this system to be rotten and no wonder that UP itself cannot solve the culture of violence in its own campuses.

One only needs to dig deeper and read what's happening in our country before resorting to abrupt change that has less wisdom, no moral as well as strong spiritual foundations to make it strong to resist more future attacks from the evil one..

Who has no speck blocking his eyes? Even cigarette smoking is a clear and present danger! Even the womanizing of those who cannot take care of their families produces more problems that cannot be solved by money!

The "defensive" frats, using violence against the aggressions of their rivals and the acts of coup plotters flirting with violence are just the same recipe produced by a mindset devoid of the real understanding of true Christianity.

Theirs is another wrong sacrifice.

Could you imagine Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples mouthing slogans against a corrupt Roman Empire and crying to oust the Roman Emperor just to install a care-taker government?

Instead He lambasted those blind religious leaders who misled the people by their wrong doctrines. Similarly, a current problem is seen as the cause of moral decay in our country.

Instead He empowered the people by the baptism of the Holy Spirit so that they will not be corrupted by those who are in power.

Instead He proclaimed that the Kingdom of His God and Father in Heaven is coming and will be within the people.

Will Trillanes' "moral crusade" ensure that the Kingdom of God the Father Almighty will be within us once they succeed in their designs? Will he eradicate all evil completely?

God the Father Almighty looks at the hearts of men whom He anoints as leaders. He is not mesmerized by good looks and strong build of men. or whether they are the darling of the press.

Too bad that people now vote for their leaders instead of them waiting for God the Almighty Father to anoint and send one to them.

I remember that in the past I wrote that GMA is the one anointed by God the Father Almighty to be the leader of our country. This was a divine message revealed to my spiritual sister. Even some might have noticed and deeply thought about it. That's why any and all attempts to grab power from her have failed.

Can Pedro grab the blessing meant for Juan? Can anybody fight the will of God the Father Almighty especially if He grants blessings to someone He sees fit and in His own perfect time?

Only those afflicted by the cancer called crab mentality are the ones squirming with envy for they cannot accept what is divinely granted to others.

I'll just pray for GMA, rather than protest in the streets ...that she will be guided by our Almighty God and Father...that He will correct her if she has done wrong and she will be protected from those who are just manipulating her. I hope that she will go to her room and pray privately to our Almighty God and Father in Spirit and in Truth in the name of Lord Jesus Christ and ask for guidance.

I hope that any other leader will do this too.

Isn't it very lonely up there? I was once a leader too but to a very much lesser degree and I know how hard it is to be up there.

If she is persecuting us we should pray for her because Lord Jesus Christ said so.

Not even a tyrant leader caused my fear in 2003 here in Hong Kong when I have my own share of difficulties. I cannot stage a street protest or a coup d'etat against SARS plus the possible cancerous lump on my wife's breast.

But I just prayed to our Almighty God and Father and His answer was a clear miracle:

This should have been the remedy for that young girl's problem instead of her committing suicide due to hopelessness. Wasn't it that Lord Jesus Christ promised that the faithful will be protected and provided for?

Where were the spiritual guides of that girl. Where were her Ninongs and Ninangs? Were they just there to give gifts during Christmas time?

Why wrestle for a small piece of pie when there's one whole piece meant especially for you?

Love is not happy with evil but then again evil cannot be defeated by another evil. It's in the Holy Bible. So why can't the coup plotters understand that when in fact we are living in a society where the freedom to exercise one's religion and to read the Holy Bible is allowed?

"Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than to convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love." -- Martin Luther King Jr.

To battle the ills of our society we need to fight the evil within ourselves first but we have to wear the Armor of God the Almighty Father.

It is a lose-lose situation to fight a wrong war in a wrong battlefield using the wrong weapons and armor. In this foolish predicament the real enemy, the unseen evil spirit influencing men to be evil, always run away laughing, finding another host to manipulate.

If Trillanes' time to lead will come it will come in God the Father Almighty's own perfect time if he will be His anointed leader for the nation. Now, he better prepare himself and work hard to please Him who is up there, a king-maker, who is all-knowing and all-seeing, before he could please people looking up to him as a role model of change he is preacing to them.

If he fails to do this, then it will be another wrong sacrifice for a leader and his followers.

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